About Us

12 Kinclaven PlaceThe Co-operative was originally set up in 1985 as a steering group and began business on the 28th January 1988 as Southdeen Housing Co-operative Limited. It was one of the original five pilot Fully Mutual Housing Co-operatives in Scotland and was instrumental in the establishment of the Confederation of Scottish Housing Co-operatives the national representative of Community Ownership Groups in Scotland.

The Co-operative's Fully Mutual status means that all its tenants are members and as such have the right to vote, and stand for membership of the Management Board. The Management Board is entirely composed of tenants of the Co-operative who oversee the running of the Co-operative which involves the employment of professional staff, making policy decisions, allocating and managing houses and ensuring that the guidelines of good practice as laid down by the Scottish Housing Regulator. HAVE YOUR SAY! If you would like to make any suggestions on how we can improve our service, or you want to comment or respond to any information in our publications, please complete the form on the "Contact Us" Page. The Co-operative is a Scottish Registered Charity No. SCO46239.