At some point you may require an adaptation to your home for medical reasons.  An adaptation such as removing a bath and installing a level access shower, can make a big difference for people and in some cases allow you to continue living in your home.  If you are experiencing difficulties with day-to-day living such as bathing, using internal stairs or answering the door, an adaptation may ease the situation.

Your needs must be assessed by an Occupational Therapist.  The Occupational Therapists can be contacted via Health and Social Care Connect on 0141 287 0555 or you can cmplete the online form here.

The Co-operative receives a limited grant for adaptation work through Glasgow City Council.  It should be noted that this grant cannot be obtained unless a referral has been made from an Occupational Therapist or a similar health official qualified to assess your needs.  There is always a great deal of demand for medical adaptations, therefore there may be some delay in the work being carried out depending upon the type of adaptation and the urgency of the request.  The Co-operative will, however, keep each applicant informed of likely timescales for approval.

Minor adaptations related to handrails or grab rails do not need an Occupational Therapists Assessment.  These can be applied for direct to the Co-operative by completing a Self Assessment Form, please contact us and we can issue a form.