Gas Servicing

The Co-operative has a legal obligation, under the Gas Safety (Installation & Use Regulations 1994) (Amended 1998), to carry out an annual gas safety inspection in every property with a gas supply.  This safety inspection usually involves the service of the central heating boiler and any other gas appliances that may be part of this system such as gas fires.  Where defects are found the Co-operative will undertake to repair the gas heating system provided by the Co-operative.

The gas engineer, as part of their check, will also note any other gas appliances in the house such as cookers and their general condition. Where defects are found with cookers or other appliances installed by the tenant, these will be notified to you and it will be your responsibility to have these appliances repaired or replaced.  In circumstances where the engineer deems that the continued use of that appliance is dangerous, they have the legal right to disconnect the appliance.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is called the silent killer and occurs from faulty gas appliances. It is extremely important to the safety of your family that the gas central heating system is checked once a year to ensure that it is safe and operating efficiently, similar to a cars MOT.  Where the contractor and Co-operative have made appointments for this work but have been unable to gain access, we will enforce the terms of your Tenancy Agreement and force entry to carry out this service or disconnect your gas supply.  All costs associated with this work will be recharged to you. 

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas which has no taste, colour, or smell.  It can make you feel seriously ill and can kill without warning.  Please click here for signs of a carbon monoxide leak and how to stay gas safe.