Our Management Board

Please see the members of our Management Board (updated April 2024):



Date Joined

David O’Hara Chairperson 26/01/2021
Joan McFarlane Vice Chairperson 25/08/2016
Josie Barnshaw Secretary 01/12/2020
Helen Eakin Board Member 26/06/2001
Elspeth Kerr Board Member 24/03/2015
David Riddell Board Member 30/08/2018
Vincent Ogar Board Member 25/08/2021
Alexander Kerr Board Member 24/01/2023
Jean Forbes Board Member 24/08/2023
Karen Hogg Board Member 24/08/2023
Frances McLean Board Member 24/08/2023
Graeme MacIntosh Board Member 24/08/2023
Pauline McNaught Board Member 24/08/2023
Karen McKenna Board Member 24/08/2023

David O'Hara (Chairperson)

David has been our Chairperson of the Board since August 2021.  David is a retired bus driver and joined the Board in December 2020. 

Joan McFarlane (Vice Chairperson)

Joan was previously Chairperson of another RSL and has an in-depth local knowledge and experience of community-based organisations.  She has previously represented Drumchapel Housing Co-operative as Chairperson in the past. 

Josie Barnshaw (Secretary)

Josie is a self-employed co-ordinator in the sport and leisure industry, and also a member of the Board for Strathclyde Autistic Society.  Josie has previously served on the Board of another social landlord and has experience of management posts in the health and oil industries.

Helen Eakin (Member)

Helen is retired, her previous work history includes warehouse manager for logistics company, working in factories and a domestic cleaner in a primary school.  Helen has also previously been the Co-operative’s Chair and Vice Chair

David Riddell (Member)

David has previously served on the Board. He is presently a voluntary worker at the Thomas Fortune Works Centre in Drumchapel. 

Vincent Ogar (Member)

Vincent is a Board member who was appointed at the AGM in August 2021 and is a student of electric engineering.