If you wish to carry out alterations to your property you must request permission from the Co-operative prior to carrying out any works.  Where you have proceeded to carry out alterations without the Co-operatives consent, the Co-operative has the right to insist that you reinstate the property to its original condition.  The Co-operative will not unreasonably withhold permission for alterations; however, it requires to ensure that any alterations carried out comply with building regulations, do not affect the Co-operative's insurance over the property and do not reduce the amenity of neighbours.

The main form of alteration requests received by the Co-operative relate to the following:

  • Satellite dishes
  • Laminate flooring or floor tiles
  • Showers
  • Kitchen alterations i.e. new worktops or units
  • Bathroom alterations i.e. wet wall boards or ceramic tiles above baths
  • Garden sheds
  • Garden fencing or changes to existing fencing
  • Alterations to lights including installing spotlights or additional lighting outside the normal fittings we provide i.e. downlighters

The Co-operative undertakes to respond within one month of any alteration request.  Applications should therefore provide sufficient time for the Co-operative to assess the request prior to arranging work.  Where permission is granted this is likely to contain conditions all of which should be met. The Co-operative may also refuse permission due to lack of information or request additional information to enable a proper assessment to be made.  Were an application is refused the tenant has the right to appeal the decision through the Co-operative's complaints procedure.  In some situations the improvement carried out may be eligible for compensation at the point of ending your tenancy.  Any application that falls within these criteria will state that it is an application with the right to compensation on the approval letter.

You can download and complete the Alterations Form here and return it to the Co-operative. Alternatively you collect a form from the office.