Annual Assurance Statements

Each year social landlords need to tell the Scottish Housing Regulator if they meet the regulatory standards and requirements.  They do this by submitting an Annual Assurance Statement (AAS).

The Statement should be made and submitted by the RSL’s governing body, or the relevant local authority committee which has been delegated authority to complete the Statement by the local authority.

The Co-operative should confirm in its Statement its level of compliance with all of the relevant requirements at section 3 of the Regulatory Framework.  Where a landlord does not fully comply, it should set out in the Statement how and when it will make the necessary improvements to ensure compliance.

The Regulator asseses each Statement as part of our regulatory risk assessment and publish an engagement plan for each landlord.  From March 2021 RSLs’ engagement plans will include a “regulatory status” which is the judgment on whether the RSL complies with regulatory standards and requirements.