Ground Maintenance Contract for 2024/2025

We are pleased to announce that M Squared are the successful contractor on our ground maintenance contract for 2024/25.

M Squared will begin the works week beginning  Monday 13th May 2024.  It is estimated that each ground maintenance cycle will take seven working days to complete.  The contractors will visit all areas on a two-week cycle, until the end of September 2024.

For the contract to run smoothly we require your assistance with the following items:

  • Any dog owners’ bag and bin dog fouling.  The contractor will not cut gardens or common grass areas where there is dog fouling present.
  • Dispose of refuse and litter in your bins within your garden or back court area.
  • Dispose of your bulk items in the proper manner.  If you are part of a common close, please ensure any bulk items are presented on a Wednesday night for collection on Thursday morning using the designated areas.
  • Any trampolines, garden equipment, bikes or toys are stored safely to allow the ground maintenance to be carried out.  Our contractor will not move these items, they will cut round them.
  • If your garden is maintained by the Co-operative as part of the Garden Maintenance Assistance scheme, please make sure the contractors have safe access to your front and back garden.  Machinery cannot be taken through houses or lifted over fences.

As this is a new contract, please be patient for the first month to allow the contractor to get familiar with the area.  If you have any comments, positive or negative about the contract, please contact our office on 0141 944 4902.