What if I fall behind on my rent?

If you experience difficulties paying your rent you must contact your Housing Officer at the office as soon as possible.  The prevention of arrears is a key aspect of Drumchapel Housing Co-operative's Rent Management Policy.

We recognise that coping with debt can be a stressful experience and that the existence of arrears can be a symptom of deeper financial problems.  We will be sensitive to any financial difficulties whilst taking positive action and effective steps to recover arrears.  We will make an affordable arrangement for repayment of arrears based on a tenant's income.

Where no arrangement to pay can be agreed or when such an agreement has been broken then we may be forced to take legal action to recover the debt.  This could result in eviction for a tenant and household members.

Discretionary Housing Payment

If you receive partial Housing Benefit or Housing Costs from Universal Credit and are experiencing difficulties paying the shortfall in your rent, then you can apply for Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) from Glasgow City Council.  This payment is a like a short term “top-up” of your Housing Benefit or Housing Costs to assist you during periods of financial hardship.  You can complete an application online via Glasgow City Council's website here.

Please contact your Housing Officer for assistance in completing an application or alternatively you can arrange an appointment at our weekly Welfare Rights Surgery.